Little League World Series cancelled for 2020


After getting news the Little League World Series was cancelled, many students were sad. Students understood what a dream it is to play in Williamsport. “The last time I was at The Little League World Series was back in 2016 when Japan won the championship. And I watched it on TV every year since then. I’m going to miss just seeing kids playing the game they love. No contracts, no money, just passion.” junior Josh Frehafer said

On April 20 2020, Stephen Keener, Little League President, announced this year’s World Series would be cancelled. Due to the quarantine caused by COVID-19, the Little League World Series and many other sporting events have to be cancelled. Social distancing and stay at home orders prevent close contact with other people and going out for nonessential things, cancelling many sporting events.

The Little League World Series is an annual baseball tournament where kids ages 10 to 12 compete to win team banners and memories that will last a lifetime. It takes place in Williamsport, Pennsylvania and players from all over the world travel to watch and play in the tournament. It is broadcast on live TV where people can watch it from home.

Since Williamsport is about an hour away from Pottsville, many local students go out to watch it. From getting pictures with Dugout the mascot, to meeting people from all over the world, students have made many memories there.

“I’m really upset that the little league world series was cancelled,” junior Alexandra Chattin said. “My family and I travel to Williamsport every other summer. It was something I always looked forward to. I like meeting people from other countries and learning about their cultures.”

Students also feel sad for the kids that were going to play in the tournament.

Sophomore Camron Williams said, “I feel really bad for the kids that made it there because now they can’t play. I went last year and I enjoyed watching the kids play.”

“Honestly my thoughts on the Little League World Series being cancelled is that I think it’s saddening for the kids from near and far,” junior Josh Frehafer said. “Even when I was in little league there was always that dream of playing under the lights up in Williamsport and it all drove us to do better. The Little League World Series itself is a great thing for young kids who love the game of baseball. It jumpstarts their career, being broadcasted and viewed by thousands.”

This year would have been the seventy fifth year the tournament would have happened. Due to COVID-19, it has now been pushed back to  2021.