Be My Valentine: AID Annual Valentine’s Day Sale


Photo by Sandra Neufville

Freshmen Maya Golden, Kyler Bowers and Alex Blum organize the AID flowers to prepare for the distribution on Valentine’s Day. Students at PAHS purchased the flowers throughout the month of January. “The AID valentines take a lot of organizing and help from both the members and Ms. Coleman,” Bowers said.

Friday, Valentine’s day, AID sold and distributed flowers and cards purchased by students at PAHS. Every year AID sells cards attached to a flower for one dollar. 

AID is a sorority-based club that uses fundraisers to help out people and charities in our community. This year the profits go towards John Hannaway, a former PAHS student who is currently battling cancer. “We normally make around seven-hundred dollars,” AID director Ms. Coleman said.

Girls who are part of AID had to sell a minimum of ten flowers each. “I don’t think it’s hard to sell ten flowers because I usually buy some for my friends,” sophomore Emma Nabholz said. 

AID members sell, prepare and deliver these valentines. “The AID valentines take a lot of organizing and help from both the members and Ms. Coleman. Every member has to stay after school to organize them into grade, homeroom and person. Once this is done, everyone takes part in hole punching and attaching ribbon to tie them to the carnations. Then on Valentine’s Day, members go to school early to hand out the carnations to each homeroom,” freshman Kyler Bowers said. 

The flowers have seen a vast amount of positive feedback from PAHS’ students. “The flowers make me super happy and definitely feel like a nice reminder of the people who care about you,” sophomore Jayden Wagner said.

“It is a lot of work but seeing how happy people get when they receive them on Valentine’s Day makes it worth it,” Ms. Coleman said.