For Kobe: Kobe Bryant’s Death Impacts Students


Photo by: Ethan Johnston

Kobe Bryant was an inspiration to many people. His dedication to the game of basketball will be forever remembered. “Kobe Bryant has impacted the game of basketball for me by giving all of his love, dedication, and commitment to the game. His commitment and dedication isn’t just a game, it’s a lifestyle. The passing of Kobe, his daughter Gigi, as well as the others will always remind me to cherish what I have because it could end any day,” said freshman Tayla Jones.

On January 26, 2020 devastating news was released. Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gigi Bryant, along with seven other people, died in a helicopter crash. It happened during the morning, in Calabasas, California while the group was on the way to a basketball tournament.

Bryant was an NBA athlete who played for the Lakers. He wasn’t just a basketball player; he was also a husband, father and a role model for many of his fans. Bryant taught his fans to never give up, even in the darkest of times. “The most important thing is to try and inspire people so that they can be great in whatever they want to do,” said Bryant according to the Huffington Post.

Not only did he inspire his fans, but he also impacted the lives of students in Pottsville. 

“Kobe Bryant was a player I grew up watching and idolizing my whole life. He had always had a special mentality on the way he did things. He was one of my favorite players to ever do it and someone I definitely wanted to model my game after. Even though I never met him, he played a big role in my life because of how passionate and determined he was to become the greatest player he could possibly be,” said senior Mason Barnes. 

“He impacted me and probably everyone who ever picked up a basketball in the best ways. He was not only a superstar; he was a role model for players, and even people who don’t play basketball. He inspired everyone to work harder and be better on and off the court. It’s truly devastating that he’s gone,” said junior Nicco Heimbaugh.

Before Bryant was famous, he was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In 1996, he played a playoff game at Martz Hall. 

“I always felt connected to Kobe Bryant as he was from the Philly Suburbs, was a huge fan of the Eagles and even played a game in our town. He was a father, a husband and a role model to countless people, so it’s really sad to see him go so soon,” said junior Katie Brennan.

Because of Bryant’s ability to change people’s lives, his death will be hard to get over. Millions of people were drawn to Bryant because of how caring and kind he was on and off the court. 

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