The Big Day: Friday Night Football


Courtesy of PAHS

Junior Bobby Walchak is tackled by opposing players. The Crimson Tide ended the game with a victory. Senior Clayton Demcher said, “Being in [the student section in] front of the football players and supporting my boys every Friday is always a blast.”

 WAIT!! Did someone say Friday night football? With football Friday just starting, it is a big event for every school district across the county, including Pottsville Area School District. Otherwise known as Football Friday, Friday Night Lights, and a variety of other nicknames, it is a fun night where we get to watch our school play under the lights. Here at Pottsville it’s a very big deal, and there are many steps needed in order to make this night a success. 

 What do people do to get ready? Sophomore Ally Rutherford said, “Before a game, I go to my friend’s house. We get our outfits ready, do our makeup, and do whatever looks good for the theme.” 

Senior cheerleader, Tiana Green said, “The most challenging part of getting ready is having to be at the games early to warm up stunts, jumps and cheers. Going through our pre-game, setting the bust out for the boys to run through, and just making sure everything is perfect for Football Fridays is another challenge we face.”

Themes are a major part of football Fridays and preparing for the game. Students enjoy participating in events that show Tide Pride. Senior Clayton Demcher said, “My favorite theme is definitely the USA theme. It’s the easiest to do and everything looks amazing when the whole student section participates.” 

Freshman Katie Painter, also said, “ I really liked the USA theme and I look forward to the black out against our biggest rival, Blue Mountain.” 

  Friday night football games are huge nights where the students, fans, and our community come together to support the Crimson Tide. There are many steps that have to come before for the game, but with hard work and dedication, it becomes a great night of having fun with your friends, dressing up for the theme, and cheering on the football team.