Senior Night- swim and dive style


Photo by Rachel Snukis

Graduating seniors stand proudly as they have finished out their high school sport experience. Memories were shared the whole night by discussing wit teammates. Senior Corey Rinda said, “My favorite memory is making Noah mad and going to Jack’s for dinner”

With the 2020-2021 swim and dive season coming to a close, senior athletes soak up what’s left of their high school sport. On February 16th, 2021, seven senior swimmers and one diver walked down the path as they were surrounded by fellow teammates and coaches. One name was called and then another after that. Cheers from the audience and applause from loved ones filled the room.

Isabelle Hovan-Mettam, Greta Snukis, Indiana Raess-Sausser, Carter Yeager, Brandyn Purcell, Daniel Albertini, Corey Rinda, and Zaidian Vanorden were all of the seniors who had the chance to experience one last “Hurrah” at one of their last meets.

Corey Rinda said, “I enjoyed getting to write on everyone’s poster and our ceremony. I will miss messing around with the guys and our bus rides to the meets.”

Graduating seniors are very appreciative for having the opportunity to participate in senior night considering the circumstances of the frequent snow and COVID.

”Senior night is supposed to be a night to acknowledge all of the senior members of the team and a fun time for the seniors to remember, and I thought it was just that. I’m very grateful that we were actually allowed to have senior night because I know I have been looking forward to it for years. My favorite part was talking and writing about all of our favorite memories,” said Daniel Albertini.

Memories from past experiences filled the air as well as tears and excitement for what the future holds.

Isabelle Hovan-Mettam said, “I’ve been waiting for senior night since my freshman year. I’ve always looked up to our past seniors and what they’ve taught me. I’ll miss listening to our music during practice and singing out of key with my teammates. My favorite memory is when we used to get subs for away meets and our coach would chuck them across the bus and you’d have to make sure you didn’t get caught in the cross fire.”