Fuss wins Schuykill League title


Victoria Fuss poses with her coach and two teammates after the Schuykill League Championships. Victoria Fuss won last year’s championship as well. “I was hoping to win again this year, but I just went out and tried my best and it pulled through,” said Fuss.

Golfers all across Schuylkill county gathered on September 28, 2020 for the Schuylkill League Championships. They knew this moment would be upon them so most practiced every week, multiple times a week, such as Victoria Fuss, who said “ I practiced a few times a week to get prepared for the match.” 

As a team Pottsville didn’t win. Victoria Fuss stood victorious in Girls Golf and became the Girls Golf Schuylkill Golf League Champion, winning the championship with a score of 95. She said, “I felt weight lift off my shoulders knowing I won….I just went out there and tried my best and it pulled through.” 

The loss didn’t dampen Rylen Matlock’s and David Troutman’s spirits, if anything it fueled their drive, they both stated they shall improve their scores for future big events such as league as both, an individual and team. 

Matlock stated, “I really wanna work on focusing on myself and becoming a better golfer as an individual and as a team.”

Troutman said, “I’m hoping I can definitely improve my shot a little bit and score card I put up for big events like leagues.”

Matlock says, “I was nervous at the start, but I was playing against other opponents that already played at leagues. So I just went in there to shoot a good score and practice for next year.” 

Golf is unlike many other sports with the winner being decided by whoever has the least amount of points. The point system in golf is how many strokes it took to get the golf ball into the hole at the end of the golf course. The scoring system in the golf league is split between the individual’s performance and the team’s performance.  At the end of the tournament, all of the team’s member’s points get added together and the team with the lowest amount of points wins as expected with golf.

Fuss said, “the competition is my favorite part of the tournament.”

Troutman saying, “I’m there to be competitive like everyone else,”