Guidance Department expands


Courtesy of Maddy Wright

Mr. John Gradwell sits at his desk with a happy expression on his face. He can be seen throughout the day in his office or throughout PAHS.

Mr. John Gradwell is the new guidance counselor in Pottsville Area High School. Before Mr. Gradwell came to Pottsville, he was at Pine Grove high school. He said, “Pinegrove is more rural and has less kids, and Pottsville has a different environment.” Although he was at Pine Grove, and currently at Pottsville, he is not originally from either of these places. He was actually born and raised in The North Schuylkill Area. He went to elementary, middle, and high school at North Schuylkill. While in high school he played track and football. After high school he went to college at East Stroudsburg where he received bachelor’s degree in psychology; he also minored in criminal justice.

After all that he got his first internship at Pottsville Area. After Pine Grove, he saw that a job had opened up here and took it. He is now a guidance counselor at Pottsville Area High School,sophomore Aidan Bierman says,” He has not yet met Mr. Gradwell but is excited to”. Mr. Gradwell says his favorite thing about being a guidance counselor is, “ being in the position to accelerate and make connections with the community.”

In his off and spare time he likes singing and playing guitar. He does shows all around. His latest show was at a place near Mount Carmel. He also enjoys watching sports and spending time with his family. He spends time with his family by going to places like Knoebels. He can go to Knoebels a lot because he actually lives in Elysburg.