The aftermath of “Cinderella”


Photo by Mrs. Tiffany Hummel

The cast of Cinderella stands proud during the closing scene of the musical. It was held in the PAHS auditorium on April 23, April 24, and April 25. “Our students really give their heart and souls to this performance. There was an added level of precautions to worry about with the pandemic, and honestly, I went into the season expecting it to be very different. However, despite low numbers of cast, crew. and put, this whole company was committed to excellence and Cinderella has been one of the most beautiful productions we have ever done, I am so very proud and eternally grateful,” said drama director Maria Malek.

The school has been able to put on a musical this school year despite COVID-19 making it harder to do school activities.

Two weekends ago, on April 23, April 24, and April 25, Rogers and Hammers’ Cinderella was performed. Every cast member had a mask on and socially distanced when possible.

Only around 100 people were allowed to come per show, and Saturday night was the most packed audience.

The members involved enjoyed every second of the show, whether they were in the cast, pit band, or stage crew.

“It feels like we’ve finally had a one up on Covid. It’s been dictating our lives, but we found a way to have fun and create something magical despite it. It was so nice to be with people again, and the cast this year was filled with some amazing people. We needed the musical this year, it gave us all hope,” said senior Julia Malek.

Junior Elena Martino said, “Well I thought that it went really well considering how this year went. I did enjoy it and it wasn’t very different from two years ago. I thought that everyone did really well.”

After a year without a musical or being allowed out because of COVID-19, the audience was grateful to be able to watch one again.

“Overall it went good, the glare on the masks were a little distracting at times, and I feel like they made some people hard to hear. However it was still stellar and everyone in it did great with a couple of stand outs,” said senior Matt Garland