Teacher Tales: Mrs. Digris

Mrs. Digris is a superb fifth-grade teacher in our school. She teaches in room 204. She has two dogs, four daughters, and one (crazy) husband.

Mrs. Digris’s favorite hobby is shopping, and her favorite book is “Where the Crawdads Sing.” She enjoys spending time with her family, and attending her daughters’ school programs and sporting events.

Her favorite school dish is lasagna, which her all-time favorite food is Italian food. She absolutely loves it when she goes to Little Italy!

I can only imagine how hard it must be to memorize all 26 students’ names, so Mrs. Digris recommends lots of practice and visualization. Her students tend to get less excited about the day as it goes on. Also, her students seem to struggle with organization, independence, and responsibility.

Mrs. Digris feels that technology is fantastic for things, but leaves challenges. During an outstanding lesson, she hopes to hear and see interaction, challenging discussion, and smiles. Teamwork, hard work, and some “AHA” moments all mixed together make an outstanding lesson.

Both her grandfather and her Kindergarten teacher inspired Mrs. Digris to become a teacher.

When Mrs. Digris was invited to speak at a student’s classroom as the student’s role model, it filled Mrs. Digris with pride.

She reacts to challenges by seeing different ways to approach the challenge, keeping an open mind, and relaxing. She is effective by really getting to know her students, so they are invested in their own learning. She can make a student more successful by letting them know that you believe in them.

I hope you enjoyed learning about Mrs. Digris! If you read this and are in a lower grade level, I hope that you get Mrs. Digris for fifth grade, because she is a truly wonderful teacher!