Teacher Tales: Ms. Oestreich

Ms. Oestreich is our new Health and Physical Education teacher at DHH Lengel. What made her want to become a Health and Physical Education teacher? She wanted to follow in her mother’s and grandmother’s paths to teaching, and she also loved sports. Because of these things, she thought, “why not?”

Before teaching at Pottsville, Ms. Oestreich taught at Williams Valley School District. Her cousin suggested that she apply for the opening at DHHL, and now here is she is. She likes Pottsville because it is closer to home, and she likes the tradition and pride our students and staff have in our schools.

She likes to teach teamwork and cooperative activities during Health and Physical Education classes. Since all students have Health and Physical Education for one marking period, if you haven’t met Ms. Oestreich yet, you will meet her later this year! She can be found around Martz Hall if you want to stop by to meet her. Roll Tide!