Teacher Tales: Mrs. Yoder

Mrs. Yoder is our new school counselor at DHHL. She has been working here for three months so far. She was a school counselor in Reading before coming to Lengel. She went to Indiana University of Pennsylvania and studied psychology, and West Chester University for school counseling. She grew up in Pottsville, but lives in Pine Grove now. Mrs. Yoder has two children; a daughter named Addison who is 11, and a son named Chase who is 10. She also has a dog named Barkley.

Mrs. Yoder’s favorite color is blue, and her favorite holiday is Christmas because she loves looking at all of the pretty Christmas lights. Her favorite TV shows and movies are comedies because they are funny. Mrs. Yoder loves watching students improve their education and feel more confident about themselves. You can visit Mrs. Yoder in room 207B!