Teacher Tales (Nurse Notes): Mrs. Sippel


Mrs. Sippel is the school nurse here at DHH Lengel. She has two daughters and a granddaughter. She also has a cat named Dexter who is seven years old. If she wasn’t a school nurse, she would be in forensic investigation. Her favorite animal is an otter because they are always happy and carefree and always like to have fun.

If she could pick her dream vacation, it would be to go to Hawaii. She has already been to Hawaii, but she can’t wait to go back. If she could turn into an animal, she would be an otter (her favorite animal) because they like to have fun and swim and so does Mrs. Sippel. If she won a million dollars, she would help her family with some money and then repay people that helped her in her past. Mrs. Sippel likes being in this school because she likes the age group. She mentioned that this age group is more open to listening about health concerns.

You can always find Mrs. Sippel in the nurse’s office on the second floor. Hopefully, next time you visit her it is to say “hello!” and not because you are sick.