Teacher Tales: Mrs. Leiby

Teacher Tales: Mrs. Leiby

Maybe you’ve seen a new face walking around the halls of DHH Lengel. Mrs. Leiby is the newest member of the 5th grade staff. Previously, Mrs. Leiby taught 2nd grade at John S. Clarke for 11 years. She is enjoying her new position at the middle school. One thing she likes is the independence of the fifth graders and that they have specific interests. She decided to become a teacher because it makes her heart really happy to teach a student something new and that kids are excited to learn.

If Mrs. Leiby could trade lives with anyone for a day, it would be the president because she would like to feel the importance and power of that job. She would like to be responsible for how things happen in the world, and she said that it would be cool to make great changes for the betterment of the country. If Mrs. Leiby was given the opportunity to visit the future or the past, she would go into the future because she believes that our day to day experiences make us better people for future events.

Many of you might be interested to know that Mrs. Leiby is very good at knitting. One thing you can always find in Mrs. Leiby’s classroom is a mega bag of Sour Patch Kids because that is her go-to snack. Her dream vacation would be to go to Switzerland with her husband and her two children.

If Mrs. Leiby won ten million dollars, the first thing she would do is buy a beach house. Then, she would buy some extravagant things for herself and her family. She would then provide a place where kids could go after school to do homework, have a meal, and be in a safe environment. There would be teachers there to teach the kids life skills like cooking, gardening, etc. Mrs. Leiby described it as a hotel for kids.

Even though Mrs. Leiby is new to our building, you now know more about her. Stop by and say hi, and you never know, you just might get some Sour Patch Kids!