Big Machines and Loads of Science


Thrilled Eighth graders stand with their certificates. After the STEM competition, the awards ceremony took place afterwards. “It is amazing to see the final project and what goes into manufacturing,” Dominic Stelie said.

Do you have a love for science and learning? Fascinated D.H.H. Lengel eighth graders do and later participated in the 2019 STEM competition. The students put lots of time and effort into making videos for the event.

According to Mr. Jonathan Hughes, STEM Club Advisor, the awards ceremony was definitely a favorite for the participants and a great way to wrap up the event.

He stated, “The awards ceremony was amazing. It was like a red carpet event. There were over 1,000 people in attendance. It was a very exciting, positive experience and fun way to wrap up the contest.”

Eighth grader Nicholas Giuffre said, “My favorite part was the awards show because of the thrill that comes along with it. They had food for us and it was overall exciting.”

Preparation was needed for the STEM video to be a success. Steps and techniques went into the video-making process.

“We has to select a student team as well as contact a manufacturer to schedule a film date. We watched videos and tutorials to help us prepare for the competition,” Mr. Hughes said.

The STEM club participants earned the “Most Outstanding Creativity” award after months of hard work. Mr. Hughes said that they were honored to achieve such a significant award.

“The students definitely deserved that award because their video was very creative and they used creative editing techniques. The way they told the story was very unique and it felt really good to win the award after lots of work that was put into it. We have a lot of respect for all the other teams that participated because we know how much work they put into the project. We are humbled by the whole process and have all of respect for the other schools,” Mr. Hughes said.

The participants got to experience machinery and the art of video editing.

Eighth grader Dominic Stelie said, “I liked recording because when you get there you see all these huge machines. It is amazing to see the final project and what goes into manufacturing. It was really neat to see stuff that was used everyday.”