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Ken Singley Day

The middle school celebrates Ken Singley on the eve of his retirement from the school.

Alexis Yoder, Tidelines Editor in Chief

April 1, 2019

The middle school celebrates Ken Singley on the eve of his retirement from the school.

Lengel K’nex the pieces

Fifth graders Emmett Kraft, Caroline Hobbs, Maggie Brennan pose for a picture before the start of the competition.

Alexis Yoder, Editor-in-Chief

March 29, 2019

Fifth grade students in Mrs. Amy Digris's class competed in the 2019 STEM Design Challenge featuring K'nex Regional Competition, which held at the Schuylkill Intermediate Unit. Teams across Pennsylvania who competed were tasked with creating a machine that can move three objects at least six inches acr...

Big Machines and Loads of Science

Thrilled Eighth graders stand with their certificates. After the STEM competition, the awards ceremony took place afterwards. “It is amazing to see the final project and what goes into manufacturing,” Dominic Stelie said.

Greta Snukis, Staffer

March 20, 2019

Do you have a love for science and learning? Fascinated D.H.H. Lengel eighth graders do and later participated in the 2019 STEM competition. The students put lots of time and effort into making videos for the event. According to Mr. Jonathan Hughes, STEM Club Advisor, the awards ceremony was defini...

Parents Attend Caron Organization’s Presentation on Substance Abuse

Parents pay close attention to the Caron Foundation presentation in the D.H.H. Lengel auditorium. The presentation focused on the dangers of substance abuse. “It was nice to see a variety of people from the community attend,

Michael Johnson-Ponce, Editor

October 11, 2018

On Monday September 17, the Caron Foundation presented to parents from throughout Schuylkill county at Pottsville D.H.H. Lengel middle school. The presenter, Allison Odin talked about substances that teens commonly abuse such as alcohol, marijuana, cigarettes, vapes and caffeine, as well as strategies...

Students navigate through the first weeks of school

With a pencil in her hand, senior Destiny Granville prepares to take notes during sociology class. Granville is one of 204 seniors in the graduating class of 2019. “Senior year is going to be great,” Granville said. “I am excited to graduate, but I am also nervous and overwhelmed.”

Alexis Yoder, Editor In Chief

September 21, 2018

Can you believe that the 2018-2019 school year is already almost a month in? While it may seem like almost yesterday that students were trying to get the most out of the last days of summer, the new school year has already brought opportunities to learn and grow.   Pottsville Area High School The first two...

Lengel teams succeed in technology contests

Northeast Prestressed Products is the company at the center of the “What’s So Cool About Manufacturing?” video made by a group of eighth graders at Lengel. The group won the contest. “Most of the inspiration for the video came from the manufacturer itself,” eighth grader Ayva Strauss said. “Interviewing skills are very important and we learned a lot about this and video editing skills.”

Alexis Yoder, Editor

April 26, 2018

When seventh grader Dominic Steidle competed at the Regional Computer Fair March 5, he wasn’t expecting to come out on top. When his team was announced as the winner of the programming category, he was surprised. “It was very joyful,” Steidle said. “We were not expecting to win.” Steidl...

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