¡Feliz el Cinco de Mayo!

On every Cinco de Mayo or May the 5th commemorates the day that celebrates the 150th anniversary of the historical Battle of Puebla and Mexican’s army won its victory over France. So, when students and teachers were asked on how they celebrate, here’s what students and teachers had to say about Cinco de Mayo.

Mr. David Hannum shares the true origin of Cinco de Mayo.

He says, “Cinco de Mayo is not Mexican Independence Day as some Americans have come to believe.  It actually is a day commemorating a battle in the town of Puebla that Mexico won while at war with The French in the middle nineteenth century. I normally celebrate the holiday by making something Mexican for dinner such as chile rellenos with rice and beans.  Chile rellenos are cheese-stuffed poblano peppers dipped in batter and then baked or fried.  Normally they’re served with green chile which is a stew of tomatoes and peppers and bits of pork neck.  Technically, it is southwest cuisine, a variation of real Mexican food.”

He also adds, “Marking Cinco de Mayo is one more terrific, and fun way to recognize that our country is a real melting pot of people, their languages and their customs.  This is a strength for America.  It is a strength that we should remember especially in tough times when negative forces are pulling us apart.”