What’s Aletheia Club?


Jamilah Phillip-Johnson

Aletheia Club’s mission is to help students learn more about God and help each other with their relationships with Him. The club gives students the opportunity to share their Christian faith with each other in the school setting. You may be thinking “I thought schools aren’t allowed to promote religion?” While schools cannot do anything to advance or inhibit a particular religion, students are free to participate in extra-curricular groups that are faith-based.

“We have a bible study every Friday morning. Josh Daubert leads us as we study verses and have group discussions. We usually end each meeting in prayer,” said junior Preston Hunter.

The club currently has two faculty advisers, Mr. Charles Taronis and Mr. Nathan Halenar. “The biggest thing that myself and Mr. Halenar do is provide space and time for the members to meet, typically on Friday mornings at seven o’clock before the school day starts. Schools had allowed clubs like Aletheia to form years ago in response to a Supreme Court hearing that dates back to the 1960’s. This Supreme Court hearing forbade public prayer in schools, but allowed students space in the school setting, outside the school day, to share their Christian faith. Joshua Daubert has been leading the meetings every Friday morning,” said Mr. Taronis, co-adviser of the Aletheia Club.

Members come together to learn more from the Bible and how they can apply the teachings of the Bible in their own lives. At the end of every meeting, junior Joshua Daubert, Aletheia Club leader, asks everyone if they have any specific prayer requests. Then they finish off the Bible Study with a moment of prayer. Daubert guides the club through prayer sessions at every meeting.

“Every Friday morning, we come into school early and take time to read the Bible and study what it says. We believe that the Bible is the Word of God and everything in the Bible is true. We come every Friday morning to read a small passage and discuss it with each other. Members try to get the opinions of each other to see if we can possibly have more of an understanding of what the passage is saying. We are all grateful that our school has this club to begin with and that our school gives us this opportunity to come together,” Daubert said.

Members of Aletheia Club also come together every year in September to take their part in a nationwide event. “See You at the Pole” takes place around flagpoles on school grounds before school begins on the fourth Wednesday in September. It involves the members of the club making prayers for many people around the world.

To join the club, students may contact Mr. Taronis. All students in grades nine through twelve are permitted to join.