Staying behind the reins


Freshman Paige Deatrich poses with her horse on Christmas Day 2019. Riding her horse is one of the things that has kept her busy during the quarantine. “Riding has been helping with stress… because I can get out of the house and go and do something I love,” said Deatrich.

With all of the media focused on COVID-19, and all students worried about finally finishing school, sometimes it’s good to get away and get some fresh air. Freshman Paige Deatrich loves to get outside and ride her horse. Getting away from all of the stress from the virus and school work, to do what she loves.

1. How are you coping with all of the stress that COVID-19 is setting on most students?

-In the beginning it was definitely a challenge with online learning, but I think the teachers have been doing the best they can with helping us, so it’s gotten a lot better for me.

2. Have you been riding horses since the quarantine has started?

-Yes I have actually. I go to see my horse everyday and ride him and take care of him.

3. What is your favorite part of being able to ride horses?

-My favorite part of being able to ride is probably getting so connected with the animal. Every horse is different and I’ve rode many horses but you don’t always click with them. When you find the one you click with you get so connected to them.

4. And finally has riding horses helped with any stress, like stress relieving?

-Yes riding has been helping with stress during these times. It’s helped because I can get out of the house and go and do something I love.