Points of Light


Lindsey Boncore

Senior Shannon Strickland paints her part of the Points of Light Mural. The mural is a collaborative project between schools across Schuylkill County.

Since the beginning of the year, art students from across Schuylkill County have been collaborating with the Walk In Art Center. Each school in Schuylkill County decided to take part in a 65 square foot Points of Light Mural that is representative of the history of our county. Their art will then be spread across several places in Schuylkill County. 

Students from Pottsville Area’s AP Art and Design were assigned to pick a place, monument, or thing about Schuylkill county. The students in those classes had to choose three ideas to paint. The ideas chosen would have to be put into a 24” x 36” mural. Before they started, the students did extensive amounts of research. 

One of the students participating in this project is senior Preston Hunter, “I picked trails and paths in Pottsville. In order to find out little details about these trails, I talked to people who have been in Pottsville for a long time,” Hunter stated. 

Senior Shannon Strickland said, “I liked learning about my topic. I thought it was very interesting.  Strickland chose to cover the history of the Yuenling Brewery and the company’s impact on the county.

Ms. Lindsey Boncore is helping the students from AP and Design to create their three murals. Ms. Boncore said, “I can’t wait to see how the students tie everything [for the mural] together.” The students are taking this very seriously because their murals have potential to be installed publicly as part of the WIAC (Walk In Art Center) program.

Many students and staff are excited to see how the final product comes together, and see how other schools incorporated the project with their own town. Hunter said, “It’s going to be very exciting seeing how everyone ties it together.”