Meet Artist Crystal Mease

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Meet Artist Crystal Mease

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“My Starry Night House”


Crystal Mease is in 8th grade at D.H.H. Lengel Middle School. This artwork was inspired by Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night. The project requirement was to use paint to create the same wavy effect achieved in Starry Night. The colors she chose were purple and blue to complement each other.   


Q&A with Crystal Mease


EG:  What colors are your favorite to use?

CM:    Depending on the project, I like to use a variety of colors. But if there is a set idea like Starry Night, then I will use darker colors.

EG:   What is your favorite medium to use?

CM:     I love to use paint and chalk pastels when working on a project.

EG:   Why do you enjoy art class?

CM:     I enjoy art class because I can express myself without using words.

EG:    What are you looking forward to doing in art class?

CM:     I am looking forward to the next project we will be working on, which involves clay.

EG:   What kind of art classes do you want to take in high school?

CM:     In high school, I want to take an art class that involves clay and other similar materials.

EG:    Who gives you inspiration in creating your artwork?

CM:      Many people inspire me, but one main person that does is Miss Palina because I can see her passion for art when discussing new things in class.