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Strike up the (beginner) band

PLAY - The Beginner Band practices as a group for the first time.

Rhyan Brennan, Lengel Lingo Staffer

February 10, 2020

Many of you have probably hear about Beginner Band. Beginner Band has just begun rehearsals, and you may have classmates attending Beginner Band during homeroom. As you might know, Beginner Band will have a concert along with the Symphonic Band to perform for family, friends, and classmates. The teachers...

Pizza for progress

PROGRESS - 6th graders pose for a photo after their CDT pizza party reward.

Justine Siminitus, Lengel Lingo Staffer

February 7, 2020

On January 16, 2020, several students in Mrs. Miller's 6th grade ELA classes were rewarded with a Domino's pizza party. This incentive was for students who surpassed their score by a certain amount (and met a set goal) from their first CDT test in September to their second one in December. Students received...

Pottsville Winter Carnival wraps up with pageant

POSE - Former Snowdrop Princess winners pose together at the Royal Tea Party, including three of our DHHL students (from left) - 8th grader Madison Eroh, 7th grader Elena Holden, and 5th grader Kali Grochowski.

Kali Grochowski, Lengel Lingo Staffer

February 6, 2020

On Saturday, February 1, the 53rd annual Greater Pottsville Winter Carnival coronation pageant was held at Pottsville Area High School. There were 31 second and third graders, 16 high school juniors, and 12 young women from around the count who competed for titles. This was the culmination of month-long...

DHHL joins the Instagram world!

SCREENSHOT - This screenshot shows the main page of DHHL's Instagram @lengel_middle_school.

Hannah Martician, Lengel Lingo Staffer

February 5, 2020

Our school has recently gotten its very own Instagram. Mrs. Mohl manages the Instagram account and posts fun or important events that have happened in our school in real time. Mr. Maley still sends the newsletter, but the Instagram allows information to be given to parents and the community more quickly....

DHHL PBIS raises funds with weekly sale

SELL - Mrs. Miller, Mrs. Fehr, and Mrs. Sophy pose on a Friday afternoon after the bi-weekly pretzel and iced tea sale.

Maggie Brennan, Lengel Lingo Staffer

February 4, 2020

The pretzel and ice tea sale is something that happens every other Friday afternoon here at DHH Lengel Middle School. The pretzel and iced tea sale just recently changed to be being every other week instead of every week. The sale is held on each floor starting at 2:30 p.m. Our PBIS team purchases...

8th grader participates in LVC Band Fest

8th grader participates in LVC Band Fest

Hannah Martician, Lengel Lingo Staffer

January 31, 2020

I recently went to LVC (Lebanon Valley College) for a band festival called LVC Band Fest. Different schools from Pennsylvania came, but only certain students were picked. How the day started was we got four different types of music (which we didn’t know) and we had to sight read them. Then, as the...

6th graders study “PSSA Prep”

6th graders study

Quinn Evans, Lengel Lingo Staffer

January 28, 2020

What is PSSA Prep? Every 6th grader has it? It takes up 30 minutes of your school day? Well, PSSA Prep prepares you for the PSSAs. Pretty self explanatory, right? Instead of study hall, you focus on things like math or ELA to help you prepare for the upcoming tests. Teachers work out of PSSA coach books,...

Teacher Tales: Mrs. Yoder

Teacher Tales: Mrs. Yoder

Kaci Joy, Lengel Lingo Staffer

January 24, 2020

Mrs. Yoder is our new school counselor at DHHL. She has been working here for three months so far. She was a school counselor in Reading before coming to Lengel. She went to Indiana University of Pennsylvania and studied psychology, and West Chester University for school counseling. She grew up in Pottsville,...

Student Spotlight: Charlie Hemerly

Student Spotlight: Charlie Hemerly

McKenzie Bowers, Staffer

January 24, 2020

Charlie Hemerly is 11 years old and she is in 5th grade in Mrs. Digris's class. Her dream vacation would be to go to Ireland because it seems fun. Charlie's favorite subject is ELA because she thinks it's easy and interesting. Her favorite sport would be soccer because she has been playing since she...

Teacher Tales (Nurse Notes): Mrs. Sippel

Teacher Tales (Nurse Notes): Mrs. Sippel

McKenzie Bowers, Staffer

January 23, 2020

Mrs. Sippel is the school nurse here at DHH Lengel. She has two daughters and a granddaughter. She also has a cat named Dexter who is seven years old. If she wasn't a school nurse, she would be in forensic investigation. Her favorite animal is an otter because they are always happy and carefree and always...

Student Spotlight: Jayden Schaeffer

Student Spotlight: Jayden Schaeffer

Autumn Cover, Staffer

January 21, 2020

Jayden is 12 years old, and her birthday is December 28th. Her favorite color is periwinkle, and her least favorite color is neon yellow. Jayden has one pet and it is a fish. She has one sister named Brea who is in college at Virginia Tech. Jayden likes to play soccer. Her favorite clothing brand is...

Blank Slate

Blank Slate

Annabella Chaklos, Staffer

January 16, 2020

I am nothing but a blank slate. Nobody around wants to know my state. Deteriorating, draining, at an average pace. The hole belonging to my soul is but an empty space. Am I tired? Am I weak? Am I rejoicing? Am I at my peak? I could be terrified, I could be at peace. Only aware that all senses...

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