Seventh graders compete in Olympic Games

Seventh-grade students at DHH Lengel Middle School gathered around with their teachers and classmates to compete In junior Olympic Games that included discus, 50-meter dash and long jump events.

The students who won each of these activities are:

  • Discus: Brynn Cannon, Mason Fanelli (first place)

Willam Dockerty, Ava Duffy (second place)

Elijah Jones, Chase Richter (third place)

  • 50 Yard Dash Boys: Jordan Chladek, Saul Sanchez (first place)

Landon Traut, Alejandro Gunoskey (second place)

Chase Richter, Spencer Prestileo (third place)

  • 50 Yard Dash Girls: Ciera Kilne, Kenna Corby (first place)

Ava Duffy, Janaya Williams (second place)

Victoria Nguyen, Karlee Kalovcak (third place)

  • Long Jump Boys: Saul Sanchez, Landon Traut (first place)

Aiden Correll, Destin Franz (second place)

Spencer Prestileo, Chase Richter (third place)

  • Long Jump Girls: Janaya Williams, Jemma Daubert (first place)

Jayden Moyer, Alyssa Ward (second place)

Kenna Corby, Aaliyah Goodrich (third place)

But why do we have these Olympic Games and how does it tie in with what we are learning in class?

“The Olympics were created in Ancient Greece, so we did a version of the Olympics to show students how they competed,” explained Ms. Edling, a seventh grade social studies teacher.

When asked about how it ties into what students are learning, she replied, “We compared the Ancient Olympics to the Modern Day Olympic Games, and how many ideas created in the past are still used today.”