Pottsville Basketball Takes Home the Dub


Allura Mcculler

Aiden Stanton stands in front of Blue Mountain player trying to block the ball. He moved quickly to stop him from getting the shot. “My brother and I are a lot harder on each other than our other teammates.”

Once again, the rivalry between the Crimson Tide and the Eagles comes through in boys basketball. Both teams were fighting for the title of Schuylkill League Champion at the game held on February 16. The Eagles boys were later defeated 51-35.

According to the head coach, Mr. Dave Mullaney, the team has accomplished a great deal this year and he is so proud of their dedication to the game.

“Our players dedicate themselves to our program year-round. They sacrifice for each other and don’t care who gets the credit. Also we have a great coaching staff from 7th grade up through the varsity level. I made a lot of mistakes running this program, but one area I didn’t miss was surrounding myself with great people,” Mr. Mullaney said.

Mr Mullaney also stated that preparation is another important aspect of being a successful athlete. If you are lazy and aren’t willing to work hard you can’t achieve big goals.

“We don’t prepare any differently for the playoffs than we do any regular season game. Our staff respects every opponent and we prepare the same way. We think that consistency helps our players perform their best in big games,” Mr. Mullaney said. “I am so proud of this team for what we’ve been able to accomplish this year already. Hopefully, there is a district title and state run in our future. But regardless of what happens, this will be one of the most satisfying years I’ve ever had as a coach.”

Sometimes pressure causes stress, but other times it helps the players perform better on the court. They can enjoy themselves more knowing how much their team practiced for this big game.

Senior JR Hahner said,“There is no added pressure for us because of how much time we put in during the off season. We do everything we can to prepare so when it comes to game time, it’s all about having fun and reacting.”

According to Aiden Stanton, there happens to be sibling competition on the court. He competes with his brother, Riley Stanton.

“The sibling rivalry is still there. If one of us messes up we make it known to the other person, but also when one of us does good we make it known. We are also a lot harder on each other than our other teammates.” Aiden Stanton said