EMT to the rescue


Photo by Brock Reniger

Students in the EMT class do hands-on work such as performing CPR on a dummy. The class can make someone certified in CPR and can also lead to a future in the medical field. Senior Jamilah Philip-Johnson said, “Being in the EMT course is different from any class I’ve had before. The beginning of the year was mainly learning from book, which was important since we need to know specific terms. Now that we are nearing the end of the year, we have way more hands-on learning. We also have after school sessions that show us exactly what to do for various situations. Unlike other teachers Mr.Moran is able to show us exactly how he works as an emergency medical technician”

The Pottsville Area School Board decided to start a new class for the 2020-2021 school year, an E.M.T. Training class. The new class is for students who are interested in becoming a medical student or those who are interested in pursuing a career as a future EMT.

Senior Jena Reilly joined the course because of her upcoming career path.

She said, “I joined the EMT course because I’ve always wanted to join a career in the health field since I was little. When we found out our high school was introducing this program I was so excited and I knew I had to take this course. This course gives students like me an opportunity to get hands on experience at what duties you would carry out as an EMT. We do things such as take blood pressure, listen to lung sounds , and other hands-on activities, along with course work ; while working hand in hand with EMT workers and our instructor Pat Moran. The end goal of this program is to get certified as an EMT and I will definitely take the things I learned and experience from this class with me when I go to nursing school next fall.”

As more students continue to join the class, then there will be more opportunities for those who are interested. The class will get anyone who is enrolled in the class certified to be an EMT.

One downside is that students who want to joining the course can’t be fully virtual. If you are interested in joining or know anyone that is interested in joining, contact your class’s guidance counselor for more information about the course and know that to participate you need to be an in-person student for the hands on training.