Celebrating Lent during COVID-19


Courtesy of Trinity Lutheran Church

Trinity Lutheran Church takes COVID-19 restrictions very seriously. Instead of an in-person service, a drive by communion was done along with a blessing. “At the beginning of Lent I went to Ash Wednesday mass with my parents to which started the season,” said freshman Emma Seiger.

On Wednesday February 17, 2021, many families begin the season of Lent. In catholicism, Lent is the six week preparation period before Easter. It is also the start when people usually give something up or start fasting for the whole duration of Lent once it starts on Ash Wednesday. Due to lift on certain COVID-19 restrictions, some churches had ceremonies, while others had a drive by service and blessing.

Students at Pottsville Area have also been participating in sacrificing something for Lent such as unhealthy eating habits. Junior Lauren Klinger was one of them.

She says, “For Lent, I gave up soda and fast food because I had the softball season coming up and I wanted to clear my system of unhealthy food before I started. I celebrate Lent because it’s apart of my religion and my family participates in it as well. It’s a challenge for me but it gives me something to work for outside of school and sports to better myself physically.”

People who participate in celebrating Lent aren’t supposed to eat meat on Fridays, some eat alternatives such as pasta, pizza, and salads.

Livia Hable said, “Personally I think lent is a time where we don’t typically think about ourselves as much. I gave up eating meat on a Friday and I gave up chocolate because those are two things I throughly enjoy. I celebrate this event because it is the least i can considering what Jesus did.”

To celebrate Lent, some churches in Pottsville such as Trinity Lutheran Church had a drive by blessing and service. Members of the church would drive underneath the gymnasium part of the building and receive their blessings. 

Trinity Lutheran Church’s pastor, Chris Romparth said, “This year wasn’t an ideal time but we did the best with the resources we have at Trinity. Hopefully next year there will have a little bit more normalcy.”

Trinity Lutheran Church is located on 300 West Arch Street in Pottsville. They will be doing a drive thru service on Sunday, March 28th from 1:00-2:00. However, other churches are doing the same thing but on different days and times. You can check out your church’s schedule and find out what they are doing!