PAHS Royalty


Courtesy of PAHS

Homecoming King, Owen Golden and Homecoming Queen, Madison Dalton stood together after being crowned. After being crowned, the two stand together in excitement, as they will become future role models of PAHS. “I ran for homecoming king because I asked my friends if I should run and they said yes, you would win,” senior Golden said.

During the football game on October 4, 2019, Mr. Michael Keiner said, “This year the 2019 Homecoming winners are Madison Dalton and Owen Golden”. The stadium exploded in excitement when the winners were announced and many students were very happy to see Dalton and Golden win. 

For most students, homecoming is a thrilling event where two candidates are chosen. Students vote for who they think will be great role models to represent the school. Many seniors advertise to show they are running for Homecoming king or queen. They often have friends support them by handing out candy and stickers. 

Homecoming voter freshman Chloe Heintz said,“The seniors who I voted for for homecoming are people that I may not know personally, but seem like nice, kind students that I think deserve to win,” Heintz said.

Male Homecoming King, Owen Golden said, “I ran for homecoming king because I asked my friends if I should run and they said yes, you would win. I didn’t think I was going to win. I honestly did think that I was going to be in the top three. I campaigned by putting up posters, giving out candy and giving out Missy cookies.”

Female Homecoming Queen, Madison Dalton said, “I ran for homecoming because my best friend Clay and I have wanted to run for homecoming since freshman year. When our senior year came around, we knew it was something we still wanted to do. I also thought it was important to have someone represent our school well! I was so surprised when I actually won – I could not believe it. It was such a great feeling. I campaigned by making posters with Clay, getting stickers and handing out lollipops.” 

Also in attendance at the game were the 2018 homecoming King and Queen, Bernie Guzick and Samantha Day. Golden and Dalton will have the opportunity to play the same role at next year’s 2020 homecoming game.