Lengel celebrates Teacher Appreciation Day


Photo courtesy of Dr. Sarah Yoder (Instagram: superintendentyoder)

APPRECIATE – Lengel teachers pose with members of the PASD Board of Directors at a breakfast held before school on Tuesday, May 4. The breakfast was hosted by Dr. Yoder and the Board of Education.

Teacher Appreciation Day was held on May 4 and is all about celebrating what teachers do for you. Teachers help you learn how to do things that you need to know in the future whether you think it’s important or not. Teachers still teach it to you just in case you need to know about it in the future. On Teacher Appreciation Day, we celebrate and recognize what they’ve done for us. They help us understand the education we are taught and if we don’t get it, they help us. Teachers do a lot for us and we should recognize it, that’s why they get a day of appreciation to celebrate the great things they do for us.

Students wrote letters of appreciation in their ELA classes, and some even bought gifts. You don’t always have to get them a gift because a gift isn’t everything. You can write them a meaningful note coming from you and they will like it as much as they like a gift.

Dr. Yoder and the Board of Education treated the teachers to a coffee and donut breakfast, Mrs. Mohl and Ms. Brennan gave the teachers cute flamingo gifts, and the DHHL Student Council gave treats as well.

You can also just tell them thank you.