TV Show Review: “Umbrella Academy”


Image courtesy of Pixabay

The TV show “Umbrella Academy’s” second season came out in July. So I watched the show and it is, in my opinion, a phenomenal show. The show is about a dysfunctional family of seven siblings who have to fight against an impending apocalypse of 2019 and the JFK assassination of 1963. One of the characters is 58, yet is stuck in a 13-year-old’s body. The characters have names yet their adoptive father named them by numbers, one through seven.

Here is a little bit about each main character. Luther Hargreaves, number 1, his power is super strength. Diego Hargreaves, number 2, his power is throwing projectiles without any effort. Allison Hargreaves, number 3, can twist people’s minds around. Klaus Hargreaves, number 4, can communicate with the dead. Five, number five, can jump through space. Ben Hargreaves, deceased, number 6, has tentacles that kill people. Vanya Hargreaves, number 7, doesn’t have powers.

I suggest you sit down and watch the show, binge watch it even. The show is located on Netflix.