Student Spotlight: Haley Moyer


Haley Moyer’s birthday is July 18, 2006. Her favorite color is blue. Her favorite animal is a giraffe. Her favorite food is pizza, and her favorite movie is “Pitch Perfect 2.” Her favorite TV show is “Stuck in the Middle.” Her favorite subject in school is math, and something she likes to do outside of school is to play basketball. Besides basketball, she also does gymnastics. She likes to watch football, and her favorite NFL team is the Pittsburgh Steelers. Her two favorite college football teams are the Penn State Nittany Lions and the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. She loves to drink water. Her favorite store to shop at is Justice. She loves Nike sneakers. Haley has one sister and two brothers. Her brothers are Logan, who is 20, and Colton, who is 8. Her sister’s name is Fallon. I hope you liked learning about Haley!