Student Spotlight: Rhyan Brennan

Rhyan Brennan is in 6th grade here at DHH Lengel. As many of you know, 6th grade is when you start switching classes. Rhyan’s favorite part of switching classes is having more freedom and being able to get a break in between classes. When asked what her favorite class was, Rhyan said she likes ELA because of the different activities that you can do in the class

Outside of school, Rhyan plays three different sports: basketball, volleyball, and softball, though her favorite of the three is volleyball. She currently plays at a club based out of Berwick called Wisetown Volleyball. Playing three sports and staying on top of schoolwork is something that not everyone can do. Rhyan says that she balances everything by trying to get as much work done in school as possible, and just finding time to do any extra work she has when she has free time.

Rhyan has many favorite things that she enjoys doing outside of school. When she is not in school, she likes to hang out with friends and family. Rhyan’s favorite food is a cheeseburger, and her favorite color is blue. She loves the color blue because of all the different shades. Something that many people do not know about Rhyan is that she was born on Valentine’s Day.

Overall, Rhyan is a very energetic and outgoing person, so if you see her in the hallways, make sure to say hi!