Student Spotlight: Charlie Hemerly


Charlie Hemerly is 11 years old and she is in 5th grade in Mrs. Digris’s class. Her dream vacation would be to go to Ireland because it seems fun. Charlie’s favorite subject is ELA because she thinks it’s easy and interesting. Her favorite sport would be soccer because she has been playing since she was three. Charlie plays three sports which are soccer, volleyball, and basketball.

Charlie doesn’t have a favorite teacher because she says she likes all of them, but she really enjoys being in room 204 with Mrs. Digris. Her favorite thing she’s done in school so far is the Thanksgiving PBIS day. Her favorite school lunch is soft shell tacos. This summer, she went camping at Whippoorwill Campground, which she said is her favorite thing she’s done this summer. Her favorite TV shows are Chopped and Loud House. I hope you liked learning about Charlie!