PAHS Drama Club alumni Return


The current members of the Pottsville Area High School Drama Club praise alumni member, Sam Jones, as they sing Land of Yesterday from Anastasia the Musical.

The lights dim, the curtains open and the show begins. MadCAP is the name of a cabaret show that the Pottsville Area High School’s Drama Club alumni performed for. MadCAP is an acronym for the Crimson Alumni Players. The show was held on Saturday, November 26th at 7 p.m. This date was chosen because it was Thanksgiving weekend and the alumni students would be home to visit their families.

“My favorite show was Les Miserables, ” senior James Malek said. “It made me feel very nostalgic, because I practically grew up seeing all of them. My mom would always bring me to practices, and it felt so cool to see everyone again.”

There were 21 alumni and 20 current members of the drama club performing. The final number invited all drama alumni from the audience on stage which added 20 more alumni students who participated. The event was organized for the Crimson Alumni players. They wanted to have a reunion so they decided to do this.

“I was so honored that so many students were able to come back, that this club meant so much to them when they were here and that they still have fond memories of their time on our stage, ” said director of drama club, Maria Malek. “All of these people were once “my children”, and I loved every minute of this magical night.”

The members performed many different songs from the past musicals in which they performed over the past 20 years. The alumni who couldn’t make it also reached out and donated to the raffle.
“Every show has a special place in my heart, but if I’m being honest, I think my favorite has to be Titanic, the Musical,” said Maria Malek. “The history, the hope, and the tragedy really pulled at the heartstrings of the audience.”