Expressing art in Beauty


Brock Regnier

The 90s grunge trend is back and in full bloom. With Casual comforting flannels,flashy T-shirts and mom jeans. Expressing this sense of fashion is a kind of beauty. Art is a way of expressing ourselves and fashion ties into it.

Artists in a way are expressed in the clothes, not just writing and painting, etc. Bringing back the 90s has always been beneficial in the decades after. Too many clashes of trends and the grunge band movement soon died off. Leaving the pop culture area that has affected all of us even if we weren’t born. This combines beauty and fashion from our past.So when we think of art we should also think of beauty and the deeper meaning behind it. Emily Cordova, a Freshman, concurs that art and beauty are related. She said “Correct a person or animals, beauty is just like art”. While Dugan Szeliga , a sophomore, has another point of view. He said “They aren’t necessarily related but art can obviously be beautiful. Not all art is beautiful, and not all beautiful things are art. The sky can be beautiful but nobody counts it as art, and some music artists make terrible music but they’re still called artists.” Two different takes on beauty and how art affects it. It also affects the way they dress. As they take inspiration from the grunge era and put their own twist of beauty on it.

If we put the way we dress into our aesthetic ,it’ll become deeper. This is why we have different aesthetics. So when the question comes up is dressing like this part of a deeper idea of putting yourself out there? Dugan Szeliga said “I don’t dress like this for other people but I do think dressing how you like can make you much happier…It isn’t about other people knowing how I dress, but is nice to be myself in public.”  Emily Cordova said “ It’s not putting yourself out there it’s putting yourself to where you are comfortable like putting a puzzle together, it’s just right”.  We question the way we dress on the way we feel. So when we see art and beauty we also stitch it together for taste. Now that the 90s seem to come back people are putting their taste in it.

What is a work of art  and why does this aesthetic matter to you? Emily Cordova said what she thinks a work of art is. “A work of art is however you put your mind to it, anything can be art but you have to put yourself out there to do it” . She also said that this aesthetic matters to her. “ I guess the feeling of who I am and not caring for being different makes me feel alive”. Being unique but also bringing back the past sets other people’s opinions aside. Dugan Szeliga said to the work of art. “Works of art have a large range. As long as whatever it is expresses someone’s thoughts or personality, it should count as art.” Very fine words from both students. Dugan Zeliga expressed the reason why this aesthetic matters to him. He said “Well the way I dress, music I listen to, movies I watch, and language I use are all important to me because they are what I care about. Feeling confident is very important for mental health so I like to do what makes me feel confident.”

An aesthetic can be more than just clothes and makeup. It’s a deeper part of our history and being. So admire the flashy clothes and muted colors. The 90s aesthetic and grunge can be gone in a year but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t affect people’s confidence and views on the world.