Tide Lines

DHHL joins the Instagram world!

SCREENSHOT - This screenshot shows the main page of DHHL's Instagram @lengel_middle_school.

Hannah Martician, Lengel Lingo Staffer

February 5, 2020

Our school has recently gotten its very own Instagram. Mrs. Mohl manages the Instagram account and posts fun or important events that have happened in our school in real time. Mr. Maley still sends the newsletter, but the Instagram allows information to be given to parents and the community more quickly....

Pen, Paper and Post

Freshman Felix Blasser posts his artwork on Instagram. This piece, titled Abigor, is a digital drawing of one of his original characters. Blasser said that since joining Instagram, he has been able to see other people's characters and creations.

Lauren Kane, Staffer

October 25, 2019

       Art can be seen wherever we go, whether it is in plain sight or not. We see it in obvious places such as museums and now we can see it posted on social media platforms. Freshman Felix Blasser is one of many students who have a passion for art.         Blasser has always had an int...

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