Pen, Paper and Post


Freshman Felix Blasser posts his artwork on Instagram. This piece, titled Abigor, is a digital drawing of one of his original characters. Blasser said that since joining Instagram, he has been able to see other people's characters and creations. "... I've been able to make new friends and that makes me really happy."

Felix Blasser

       Art can be seen wherever we go, whether it is in plain sight or not. We see it in obvious places such as museums and now we can see it posted on social media platforms. Freshman Felix Blasser is one of many students who have a passion for art. 

       Blasser has always had an interest in art since he could remember. You may have seen some of his art on his Instagram profile where he posts a lot of his work. Felix started his Instagram account on December 29, 2017 by posting a photo of one of his notebook sketches. He has now expanded to posting some of his digital artwork. 

       He finds inspiration from people on YouTube, while still making his art original in his own way. YouTube really gave him the motivation to start taking drawing seriously. “What really inspired my animations were people like Jaiden Animations and TheOdd1sOut,” said Felix. The characters that he creates are a spin on the work of these Youtubers while still adding his originality.

       When starting his Instagram account, Felix was able to meet new people who share the same ideas. “On Instagram from doing this and seeing other people’s characters, I’ve been able to make new friends and that makes me really happy,” Blasser said.

        However, gaining friends on Instagram means you’re also gaining critics. “Sometimes I get criticism, but that’s how you grow,” Blasser said. The criticism he receives allows him to improve his work and tailor it so it’s the best for his followers.

Looking to see more of Blasser’s work? Follow him @spooky_space_dad on Instagram.