Students support Mini-THON at a basketball game

Chase Fenstermacher, Raeff DiCello and Jazce Carobello-Snowell kept North Schuylkill’s offensive attack in check in their 63 to 57 victory. Fenstermacher said, “It’s always awesome when a lot of people come to support us, especially other students at the school because it provides a lot of energy to our game and it gets in the heads of the other team. Our team is best when we get a lot of translation points so the student section providing us energy really helps us play fast when we need to and steal a lot of buckets.”

Tejay Allen, Chase Fenstermacher, and Darren Yost. On offense, Yost tried to shoot a two pointer while numbers 33 and 12 on North Schuylkill jump to block the shot. Allen said, “I thought it was a crazy game and that was the biggest student section I’ve seen in three years. It was great to have a bunch of people cheering us on.”

The Pottsville Area High School cheerleaders cheer to support their boys basketball team on January 21st. Sophomore Brenna McGowan said, “The gold out game was really a great experience to be at. Everyone that was there was not only there for the game, but supporting a great cause, too. It felt so special seeing Martz Hall filled with people again!”

The student section at the basketball game on January 21st against North Schuylkill was filled with students wearing gold. They came to support the basketball team and Mini-THON and the Four Diamonds Fund. Senior Jason Fermaintt said, “I enjoyed the gold out, our student section was the largest it’s been at a basketball game in the whole season and everyone wearing gold all together was nice. I love the energy during basketball games, I know for sure as a player on the court, hearing the energy from the fans, bench, and student section gets you going and is hype.”