Starting the Season with a Grand Slam


Photo by Destiny Angel

John Holobetz stands on second base preparing to catch any oncoming balls. The first official practice for spring sports began on March 2, 2020. “Being a senior, I try to be a supportive leader,” said teammate senior Damon Yost pictured at right.

Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity. PAHS Boys Baseball team tryouts started Monday for upcoming players. Practice was also assigned to both JV and Varsity every day as of March 2, 2020. With the first game creeping around the corner on March 20, the team has been practicing and preparing.

Junior baseball player, Patrick Yoder said, “I remember holding the ball on the football field, and next thing you knew I was practicing for baseball season. I am excited to practice with my team and also for the first game to show what the Pottsville baseball team has in store.”

Think fast, but focus on the game. Keeping a positive mindset before an important game can leave you with a good performance in the game.

Senior baseball player Riley Stanton said, “ Before a game I make sure I have a positive attitude. While warming up we always have a fun time and are always laughing with each other. When it gets closer to game time I focus more on myself individually making sure my swing is right and making sure I’m ready to go.”

Since spring sports follow fall and winter sports, many athletes like senior Damon Yost become better athletes throughout the year.

Yost said, “Weightlifting for football has helped me get stronger which helps translate to the baseball field. Football has also helped me learn how to eat properly, be mentally prepared, and compete. Being a senior, I try to be supportive and a leader on the football field which I hope to continue on the baseball field.”

The boys have a lot in store and are ready to show the community and fans what they have in stores. Come support the Pottsville boys baseball team when they play Bethlehem Catholic March 20, 2020 at 4:30 at Steidle field.