All They Do is Win


Courtesy of Mrs. Tiffany Hummel

On the morning of Friday October 25, senior players gave away their home jerseys to a teacher that inspired them during their time at PAHS. This is one of many traditions that the seniors participate in to wrap up their time as high school football players. Senior Noah Lecher said, "The part I'm going to miss most is playing with my teammates because we are all so close and have had each others' backs through a lot of hard times over the past six years."

Incredible. That’s the word for the Crimson Tide’s football season. They are on a six game win streak heading into their last game. A win here could mean everything for playoffs. 

Pottsville Area High School’s Crimson Tide football team is 8-1 with their only loss coming in overtime to Wyomissing. The players are thrilled about where they stand in the league. 

Junior Patrick Yoder, quarterback and linebacker, said, “I think we’re the best team in the county.” 

Although the Tide may or may not be the best team in the county, their hardest opponent lies ahead tonight on October 26. The Tide will play against the North Schuylkill Spartans who are also 8-1 with their loss coming from Wyomissing as well. 

Some of the other players really thought they could have won the game against Wyomissing. Smarter choices, better routes run and finding the weak spots in the other team is something the Crimson Tide could improve on for next season. Sophomore Travontai Davis said, “I think we should be 9-0 but we ‘shot ourselves in the foot’, like coach said. I personally think we could do better.” 

The last time the Tide had this winning streak was back in the early 2000s when they achieved status as Eastern Pa 2005 and 2006 champions. 

Some of the players think that this team is different than in the past few years. Senior Mason Barnes said, “The team this year is separated from past years because of our mindset, work ethic and chemistry. We come to practice looking to get better every day and accomplishing our goal which is getting a win on Friday night.”