Saying Goodbye to the Golf Season


Brock Regnier

Junior David Troutman is preparing to hit the ball. He wanted to make it into the hole to help his team. “I want to focus and try my best on all 18 holes,” said Troutman’s teammate, Dominick Chiccini.

Athletes find it upsetting when their seasons come to an end. Football, baseball, basketball and soccer are all included, but in this case, golf is our game! Athletes will be awaiting next year for positioning the tee, having the perfect stance and swing of the iron across the green for a hopeful hole-in-one!

By playing golf while having the opportunity to meet new people and new friends is something the golfers really enjoyed. They made memories throughout the golf season that will last a lifetime. 

Junior Dominick Chiccini said, “I’ll miss meeting new kids from the other teams, especially seeing my teammates all the time going to the matches. I’ll also miss seeing Coach Anthony; he’s a great guy and one of the most influential people I know. He is very motivating. I can’t wait for next season.” 

Junior Johnny Holobetz said, “What I will miss most about the golf season is spending quality time with my teammates and meeting new people. I’m looking forward to next season, and I’m excited to come back even stronger.” 

Throughout the season, there will always be hard opponents that your team will have to go against, and once again for the PAHS Golf Team, it was Blue Mountain. 

Junior Dominick Chiccini said, “ Blue Mountain was definitely our hardest opponent this year, and Lehighton also was a solid second. Both teams had very strong upcoming freshman and we didn’t expect them to be too good this year, but Blue Mountain has a good chance of winning leagues.” 

When you are an athlete, there is always something to improve on and become better at. Golf is not an easy sport, but there is always time to learn and improve on your skills. 

Chiccini said, “I want to improve on controlling my mood before the game; I tend to get very lazy after 9 holes. So when coming into the game, I want full focus and try my best on all 18 holes.” 

Holobetz said, “ I would like to keep at my short game (chipping and putting in accuracy) and come back next year with those skills improved.” 

The golf team had a great season. They are upset it has come to an end, but they are looking forward to having a great season next year!