Sketch Club hosts Sketch Night


Students gather in the little theater to attend a Sketch Club morning meeting. Sketch Club is known by many for afterschool activities hosted by Mrs. Sara Arnold and President Robbie OmahaBoy. Sketch Nights are where students create drawings, participate in contests and other art related activities. Lillian Nelson, senior, said, “I love sketch nights because it allows students to unlock their inner creativity and collaborate with other artists with the same interests. It also provides opportunities to work on any art projects they have in their school schedules.”

Picture this, the minute the clock strikes 2:30pm sketch club members and students bolt out of their classe, jostle down the staircase and pour into the vacant art room where an abundance of art materials and their friends await their arrivals. Sketch Club recently announced that they will be holding weekly Sketch Nights for students and teachers to come and participate in the various activities that the club holds.

Sketch Night participants meet every Thursday after school to gather in the art room for participating in various art activities.

Some of these activities include the Republican Herald Calendar Contest, the exquisite corpse group activity and even life drawings of student/teacher models hosted by club President Robbie Omhaboy.

He says, “ Sketch night provides a way for Pottsville students to come together and create. It creates a united front of those who love to create and wish to have a place to be themselves without the worry of grades or deadlines”

Sophomore Jayce Powell is the official model for the PAHS sketch club. Powell is one of many who participate in sketch night by posing for the individual artists to capture their essence within a drawing.

They said, “ My favorite thing about sketch night is that I am the model because it gives me both the challenge of performing body art and figure art.”

Powell added, “I like seeing everyone’s styles and the process of their art. Seeing other techniques fascinates me. I forget I’m modeling sometimes, and just start watching their papers.”

Sketch Night is also an opportunity for students who have Mrs. Arnold or Mrs. Greenwalt to finish any projects that need to be completed before or on their deadlines. 

Senior Lillian Nelson said, “ With any class that is art-related, Sketch Night provides the opportunity for people to catch up on work. For example, I worked on my charcoal portrait for Advanced Drawing afterschool. It was honestly a very liberating experience and I would recommend that people attend if they are interested in art.”