SADD sponsored Red Ribbon Spirit Week


On Monday, October 24th students and staff participated in the Red Ribbon Week theme, which was tourist day. Students and staff wore Hawaiian shirts to represent the theme.

SADD sponsored Spirit Week from 10/24-10/28 at PAHS to coincide with Red Ribbon Week. The point of Red Ribbon Week is to remind students to avoid using drugs. Senior Tayla Jones said, “I believe that red ribbon week is an interesting way to get the students and staff involved in school spirit.” Prizes were awarded for creativity on each of the days.”

Monday was tourist day. Students and staff wore Hawaiian shirts.
Tuesday was zoom day. Students and staff wore a business style top and casual bottoms. Jones said, “My favorite day of this year’s red ribbon week was zoom day.”

Wednesday was favorite character day. Students and staff dressed up as their favorite movie/tv show/streaming character. Senior Jenea Lugo-Maurer said “My favorite day was the character day. I loved seeing different movie characters filling the halls.”

Thursday was crayola day. Students wore their favorite color or colors. Senior Ava Jefferson said “It’s fun wearing bright colors, and the same color of pants and shirt. It’s different and this is another theme you can definitely be open minded about and have my options to choose from!”

Friday was TIDE pride day which concluded red ribbon week. Students and staff came to school wearing their Crimson Tide clothing.
Students suggested themes that they think would be fun, Lugo-Maurer said “I would pick surfers vs. bikers from teen beach movies because I think that’s really fun and creative.” Jones said “I would pick role swap — students dressing as teachers, and vice versa.”