Tackling Senioritis Season


Courtesy of Maddy Wright

Senior students sit in the homeroom awaiting starting their first classes. Recently, students conveyed that they had struggled with the feeling of being overwhelmed and stressed.

Stress. Anxiety. Doubt. These are three adjectives used to describe the realities of many seniors attending PAHS. With September’s Senioritis on the rise, many upperclassmen find this condition treacherous as it makes it difficult to manage assignments without feeling unmotivated and anxious.

School Counselor, Mr. John Gradwell says, “I noticed that senior students are in the period of their lives where their lives are overwhelmed. Students of all grades can agree that the thought of senior year can be daunting, overwhelming, or even intimidating.”

Lily Hale, Junior said, “As a junior, going into my senior year seems stressful. Some aspects of school make me tired. Some ways teachers can make students feel okay is by having open discussions, like in Mrs. Anchostar’s class.”

Senioritis can be enhanced when you’re struggling with managing multiple responsibilities outside of school. This often results in missing assignments piling up, many not finding any time to complete them.

Senior, Jenea Maurer said, “ The aspect of waking up at 6 am in the morning everyday tires me out a lot of getting out early on work study. A teacher can make anyone’s day a little easier by being respectful towards students, even asking us if we need help goes a long way.”

It is hard for many to see that senior students are facing constant internal battles while attending their last and most vital year of high school. Not only is it stressful,many feel it is their last year to prove themselves worthy for graduation.