PAHS receives new science teacher


Courtesy of Cullen Clarke

Mrs. Diehl stands in front of her genetics class, educating her students. Mrs. Diehl is a new science teacher at PAHS.

Melinda Diehl is the new Biology teacher at Pottsville Area High School. Mrs Diehl attended Pine Grove High School and graduated in 2000. After graduating, she went to Kutztown University to receive her undergraduate degree and then got her Master’s from Wilkes University. Prior to coming to Pottsville, Mrs. Diehl had been to four different school districts. She experienced long term sub positions at Wilson High School and Cedar Crest in Lebanon, both of which she liked. After that, she taught at Haven for fifteen years and then went to teach at Pine Grove for the past two years and now is at Pottsville.

Mrs. Diehl is excited to be here at Pottsville teaching bio since it is what she went to school for. Bio is what she enjoys most when it comes to topics. Outside of school, Mrs. Diehl likes to hang out with her seven year old daughter and two year old son. She is very close with her family. Mrs. Diehl is a very crafty person. She called herself an “avid sewer” and likes to quilt and crochet. When asked about a teaching moment she’ll remember forever, she recalls a moment where she helped a student out of a bad situation and she’ll remember it forever just because she helped. She thinks a huge part about teaching is making an impact on students.

Mrs. Diehl loves doing DNA stuff and genetic diseases because it’s what she finds most fascinating since genetics is relevant to each individual human being. Melinda Diehl says, “Genetic Diseases, I find totally fascinating. I think the more we learn about that the more we learn about ourselves.” Mrs. Diehl is really excited to be here at Pottsville and teach what she’s loved forever, Biology.

“I appreciate her attitude and energy towards teaching. As well as her ability to entertain the class.” Freshman, Billy Davis.

“She’s very sweet and I love how she talks about her kids because it brightens my day.” Sophomore, Allegra Hossler.