Student jobs hiring: The Shadow in school program


PAHS has recently established The Shadow In School pilot program sponsored by Careerlink PA. With many STC students being recruited by the guidance counselor, Mrs. Saunders most see it as an opportunity to gain work experience, earn money and learn new skills that will help them in their future career path . Junior Mason Major says, “I was lucky enough to get selected for the program and I would definitely recommend it due to the good pay.”

Student Jobs Hiring! Recently, PAHS has established The Shadow In School pilot program sponsored by Careerlink PA. Currently, 13 students were hired to work in various departments, all while there are 5 students working in maintenance in the Pottsville Area School District.

Principal Mrs. Tiffany Hummel says, “It’s the perfect opportunity for us to teach real world career skills through our mentor role. The program was a win-win. Students were able to help complete very important tasks and were compensated for doing so. The district benefitted and so did our students.”

Junior Mason Major says, “ I mostly enjoy working in the program because it gives me the opportunity to meet new people as well as, get to know people. I actually get to work in the office as well as several other departments.”

The program is mainly based around students enrolled in STC and an opportunity to apply their work experience from early and to apply their skills with a hands-on approach to real world experiences. Students convey how the program gave them an opportunity to make money.

Junior Seth Freudman says, “I’m currently in the technology department and I responded to an email to get the job. From the program I’ve made money and I can wrap cables better now. Also, I have been given guidance with what I should be doing when it comes to college and trades schools.”

Senior Makayla Frick says, “ It was cool working for different people. I felt like an actual teacher and I got work experience while working with children. Interacting with these children is highly enjoyable.”

She adds, “I am learning sign language and what and what not to do as well as how to help children. The Shadow program was my first job. I got recruited for the job a while ago, from guidance counselor Mrs. Saunders. She told me that I was shadowing and middle and elementary.”