Celebrating Class of 2022 at Senior Prom


From left to right, Raheem Arroyo, Amari Dunn, Parrish McFarland, Travontai Davis, Jason Fermaintt, and Chase Fenstermacher posing for a picture in the courtyard during the promenade. Senior Jason Fermaintt said, “It was nice. Everything expected from my senior prom happened. I got to celebrate with my friends and brothers so it was all together a good and enjoyable night.”

Rylen Matlock and Jillian Guzick posing for pictures together walking down in the courtyard for the promenade. Junior Rylen Matlock said,“I honestly had a great time. I sang my heart out and danced all night with my good buddy Max George.”

Senior Matavia Sessions said, “I like prom but I wish it wasn’t so expensive to get in and that it had more to offer. There should be more snacks and things to do. I did enjoy it though. I had fun dancing with my friends and talking with them. I think prom is important due to it being the end of the year and being an adult. You can’t just not go to prom and it’s in everything you watch about teens. You know the big finale where they go to prom. It’s just big in American culture.”

Madison Doyle and Gabby Davis posing for a picture together at the senior prom. Sophomore Gabby Davis said, “Prom was a lot of fun, I enjoyed getting to see everyone dressed up and hanging out with my friends.”