Aevidum Club announces leaders


Courtesy of Brock Regnier

Aevidum selected student leaders to go to Minersville for Aevidum training. Recently, Aevidum Club has been urging students to take a part in aiding the community by mental illnesses through awareness. To join students were required to fill out an application to be selected as a club member.

Aevidum Club needs students who have strong leadership skills and nurturing, supporting characteristics. Some of the requirements include, respectful, be supportive and caring toward their peers at all times, observant of other people, so that they can reach out to those who may be hurting and alone, and of course, following PRIDE in school. Students are expected to be interviewed and students chosen will be on announcements.

Aevidum is made up of Latin roots that translates as “I’ve got your back.”, which is the official Aevidum club slogan. The organization brings awareness to teen depression and mental health. According to the CDC, the suicide mortality death rate in 2019 Pennsylvania is estimated to about 14.1 amounting to about 1,896 deaths in America. In 2020, data shows 46,000 in 2020, which was 3% lower than in 2019. The rate of suicide per 100,000 population was 3% lower sucide rates were down, though suicide and mental illness remains a conflict to this day.

Aevidum Club leader, Junior Robert Omahaboy said, “ As a community I believe talking about our message “it’s okay to not be okay” will help our school and community to become a better environment for all. As a club we aim to create a more accepting school and community, where mental health topics are more talked about, and people are accepted regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, and mental health status.”

The current co-advisers for the club are guidance counselors, Mrs. Cindy Statsulli, and Mrs. Mary Beth Conville with the addition of social worker Ms. Jessica Coyle.

Mrs. Jessica Coyle said, “It is a student-led club that is made up of students who are passionate about caring for others and their well-being! We are at the beginning stage with recruiting Aevidum leaders. Leaders will be trained at Minersville Area School District in March. Once that phase is complete, the club will open up for members to join!”

She says, “The leaders and all club members will do this through planning and organizing campaigns within our school and community. Any student can join! It’s all about accepting and supporting others!”

Aevidum originated in Lancaster, PA with the idea for the club in Cocalico High School in 2003 after a student died by suicide. After the tragic loss, students and administrators began to the vital conversation about mental health, depression and suicide. Aevidum club was then formed as a nonprofit organization in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.