Student’s Prep for the Publications Poetry contest


Courtesy of Adriana Talamantes

Students prepare poetry for the poetry contest titled, “Pottsville in Every Season” sponsored by the yearbook publications staff. The contest runs from Monday, January 24th and ends on February 9th. “We are very excited to bring this new aspect to our yearbook to highlight the artistic talents of Pottsville High students. This new addition will include more students and their creativity to our Tidelines!” said Dr. Ali Hobbs.

The publication’s staff is back at it again, but this time they are holding a poetry contest sponsored by yearbook. It’s theme is, “Pottsville High in Every Season” and all students are encouraged to submit their original poems inspired by the seasons of the year. Emails were sent to each student detailing the context of the poetry contest. Submissions are due by February, 9th 2022.

Head of the yearbook staff, Mrs. Amy Babcock said, “I hope there will be good reactions from students. I hope I will get some positive responses. It’s hard to tell how many, but I’m hoping for as many as possible, at least 10 students to participate. Any poetry is really accepted. I’m really up for anything.”

The contest guarantees prizes for contest winners. Winning poems will be published in the yearbook. Some student’s felt ecstatic about the news, granting them a fantastic opportunity to flaunt their poetic talents.

“I love participating in activities like this. We definitely should express ourselves together as students. It’s beautiful to know there’s other people out there like you” Junior Samantha Woodford said.

There are some guidelines for the contest. Each poem must focus on one season. Students can submit more than one poem but each poem must be submitted separately as a PDF. Also, grab a friend, because collaborative projects are eligible for submission.

  • Contest Rules
  • Submissions must focus on one season
  • Use a clear, standard font that is not excessively large or small.
  • Poems should be tilted individually and related to the season you choose.
  • No illustrations, photographs, graphics, or hyperlinks are permitted.
  • Sources must be cited, if necessary.
  • Collaborative works are permitted, so you can write a poem with a friend.
  • Submission can be submitted in any length and style of poetry.

“Students can submit any style of poetry. Yes, haikus are welcome! The poems can be long or short, written individually or with friends, with a rhyme scheme or freestyle. All types of poetry are welcome. Our hope is to include as many poems as possible.” Dr. Ali Hobbs says.

Winner’s will be revealed on the morning announcements on Valentine’s Day.