Students set Healthy New Year’s Resolutions

Many say out with the old and in with the new, when it comes to the new year. 2022 presents many opportunities for positive change in their lives and for others because it is another chance to attempt to achieve their goals. Most think that resolutions for the New Year are ineffective and achievable, due to people setting unrealistic and generic goals for the new year. However, others have certain set and reasonable goals for themselves to achieve.

“They’re only effective if you put forth effort to pursue them. Some of my goals for 2022 are to strengthen my relationship with God and have social media all year, so I can focus/work on myself.”Junior Arionna McCuller said.

According to PBS North Carolina, the University of Scranton found about 77 percent of people who committed to a New Year’s resolution stuck to it for a week while 19 percent of those who made resolutions kept them two years later.

“I usually make one or two resolutions, but they are not super important to me. It’s much easier to change habits when you have a completely fresh start than it is in January when we’re halfway through the school year. I am going to try to cook some different dishes this year. I cook mostly the same few meals.” Ms. Nicole Stiles said. Besides focusing on the negative side of making resolutions some students convey the importance of motivation to achieve goals.

“When people make New Year’s resolutions, they are motivated more to accomplish them. Some of my resolutions include being more organized, stop procrastinating and do better in British Literature.” junior Chase Terasavage said.