SADD partners with Red Ribbon week


Tate Clarke

On Friday, October 29th, PAHS students demonstrated their Tide Pride by wearing school spirit wear. All students were able to participate in the red ribbon week, but Friday’s was the favorite by far.

SADD sponsored Spirit Week from 10/25-10/29 at PAHS to coincide with Red Ribbon Week. Principle Tiffany Hummel said “As always, the point of Spirit Week was to have fun while thinking about the purpose.” The point in Red Ribbon Week is to remind students to avoid using alcohol and drugs. The themes for the week lined up with October’s anti-bullying message. Prizes were awarded for creativity on each of the days.

On Monday students didn’t have to follow the dress code. It was a comfortable clothes day, so students could wear joggers, sweatpants, leggings, as well as hoodies. Almost everyone participated in this opportunity. It was definitely the most liked day out of the week. Students would love to have comfortable clothes day more often. One sophomore said “I like being able to wear something other than jeans on a day to day basis.”

On Tuesday students had a crazy clothes/mismatch day. Most students wore mismatched socks and/or mismatched shoes. Junior Genesis Harrison said “My most favorite day was mismatched day because it felt exhilarating being able to dress weirdly or mismatched. The least favorite day was definitely, throwback day because it felt the most confusing. I didn’t really understand how to do “throwback”. During a mismatched day I won the raffle and I got a photo with some other cool kids with Mrs. Hummel. I got some candy so I felt alright that day.”

Wednesday was neon day. Some participated by wearing neon in various colors like blue, pink, orange, green, yellow, etc. Ms. Crystal Pugh said “My favorite day this week to dress up was probably Wednesday when we had to dress in a neon shirt. I wore a bright orange polo. I don’t normally wear neon colored clothing, so it was definitely outside of my comfort level.”

Thursday was decade/throwback day. Sophomore Brenna McGowan said “My favorite spirit day was decades day. It was such a wide variety of options to choose from and everyone could pick their favorite decade and show creativity through it.”

Friday was TIDE pride/red day. Almost all students and staff participated and wore their Crimson TIDE clothing. Sophomore Madison Eroh said “I think everyone did a really good job of taking part in the spirit week. I Loved seeing everyone’s outfits! I like TIDE pride because it gives everyone a chance to show their love and support for the school, and taking part in something for a good cause it’s just incredible.” The final activity for the week was a White Out at the football game on Friday evening.