Relaxed Dress Code at Pottsville


PAHS Student’s enjoy an outdoor pep-rally. They are all taking advantage of the relaxed dress code to keep them from getting too hot in the heat outdoors. “I like the relaxed dress code because for events like theses they keep everyone comfortable”, said senior Faith Eckley.

The 2020-2021 School Year was the first year after 10 years of having no special dress code. Before it was mandatory to wear a collared shirt. Now students can wear t-shirts and long sleeves that are school appropriate. The decision was made last year to have a relaxed dress code because masks were required by the CDC, and the High School has no air conditioning. Mrs. Hummel said, “We wanted students to be comfortable in the heat.”

The decision to have a relaxed dress code again for the 2021-2022 school year was made based off of the results from a survey that was sent out to parents and students in the summer. The survey asked if students wanted a relaxed dress code or a specific dress code. Mrs. Hummel said, “Based on the information we received from the survey, we decided to maintain the relaxed dress code.” Whether or not the relaxed dress code will stay in effect for the years to come is yet to be determined. 

The dress code is liked very much by the students at PAHS. Junior Kenzie Androshick said, “I like the relaxed dress code more than the typical collared shirt. I have more options to choose from with the relaxed dress code, as most students do.”

Mrs. Hummel’s opinion on the specific dress code vs. the relaxed dress code is “It really doesn’t matter to me. The dress code takes up a lot of our time. I prefer to deal with much more important issues”. Many students prefer no dress code while others don’t mind it. Hayle Weiss said “The relaxed dress code is a lot more affordable and comfortable.”